Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flag of Honduras

This flag of Honduras was adopted on January 9, 1866.

Flag ratio 1:2
The flag consists of three horizontal bands of equal width with an overall length:width ratio of 2:1. The two outer blue bands represent the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The inner white band represents the land between the ocean and the sea and the peace and prosperity of its people. The five blue five-pointed stars arranged in 'X' centered in the white band represent the five nations of the former Federal Republic of Central America

Flag of Haiti

The flag of Haiti was adopted on February 25, 1986.

Flag ratio 3:5
The top half is blue and the bottom is red. In the center is the coat of arms of Haiti which consists of a palm tree accompanied by several flags. There are two cannons mounted on either side of the palm tree. The banner underneath displays the national motto.

Flag of Guyana

The flag of Guyana was adopted in 1966.

Flag ratio 3:5
The colours are symbolic: green for agriculture and forests, white for rivers and water, gold for mineral wealth, black for endurance, and red for zeal and dynamism.

Flag of Guinea-Bissau

The flag of Guinea-Bissau was adopted in 1973.

Flag ratio 1:2
The flag features the traditional colors of gold, green, red, and also the Black Star of Africa. The red is for the blood of martyrs, green for forests, and gold for mineral wealth.

Flag of Guinea

The flag of Guinea was adopted on November 10, 1958.

Flag ratio 2:3
In keeping with other flags in the region it has colours of red, yellow, and green in a tricolor from left to right